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Supporting consultants and helping them grow in their careers, that’s what energises you. Always considering the developers and their ambitions as your starting point. Welcome to AllPhi, where the human factor is key.

It’s all the small, kind gestures from AllPhi that make me feel like more than just a number. You feel a great deal of humanity here as a consultant.

Johan Van den Eynde , .NET Consultant Westerlo

Overhead team

At AllPhi, we give our software developers every opportunity to grow, so that they can pursue a career that aligns with their ambitions. That is why the overhead team is on standby every day to provide them with the right technical and practical support. This gives them boundless energy.

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Consultant Team

Technical support & soft skills guidance. Each branch of AllPhi has a Regional Unit Team consisting of the Regional Unit Manager, the Regional Consultant Coach and the Regional Consultant Coordinator. The Regional Unit Manager is the contact person for and manager of our consultants. The coordinator is responsible for recruiting and supporting consultants in the field of soft skills and interview training. The coach provides the necessary technical support.

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Sales Team

The Sales Team looks for assignments that are a good match with our consultants. It constantly liaises with companies to ascertain their needs and challenges regarding software development. It is an indispensable team as, together with the assignment profile, their searches serve as the Regional Unit Manager's starting point for matching consultants with assignments.

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Administrative Team

This is an umbrella team that supports consultants, the Regional Unit Team and the Sales Team. The Administration & Marketing Team differs from these other teams in that they are not bound to a specific region. Moreover, this 4-member team is the mainstay of our consultants and Regional Units. They are at home in every area, including finance, payroll, fleet & facility, marketing, legal, administration and more.

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